Social Media Toolkit


STEP ONE: Follow us on social media

*Please engage with our posts and share them with your own followers!

STEP TWO: Share a whole lotta “Let’s Talk” love!

Ready to tell all your besties, gal pals, aunts, cousins, co-workers and everyone at the salon about this amazing event? (Can’t say we blame ya!)

Here’s how you can make that happen:
Create a heartfelt post of your own OR swipe an image from below

STEP THREE: Directions for Posting

    1. Pick an image and right click to save it.
    2. Open your Insta, Facebook or Linkedin profile and begin a new post.
    3. Write a heartfelt post – feel free to copy any of our posts from social.
    4. Upload the photo you just saved.
    5. Add the #letstalkwellwomen and other hashtags as you see fit! (We’ve included a list below to give you a jumpstart…feel free to use ’em all!)
    6. Need our logo you can download a png or jpg here