Does your business have a passion for women’s health and wellness? We’d love your support for Let’s Talk 2023! Details on available sponsorships below or please contact us.

2023 Sponsorship Opportunities



  • Leslie and Eileen Quick
  • Tony and Nanar Yoseloff

Lunch Break Sponsors

Wellness Warriors

  • The MCJ Amelior

Knowledge Seekers
  • Deb and Joe Belfatto
  • Leah and Jeff Kronthal

Sister Tickets

  • Anonymous
  • Lisa & Joe Amato
  • Lisa & Chris Baldwin
  • Mindy A. Cohen
  • Eric & Julie Epstein
  • Kelly & Matthew Fulton
  • Lisa Herschli
  • Kathy Hubert-Mckenna & Ken McKenna
  • Nanina’s in the Park
  • Arthur F. Ryan