It takes a village to plan an event, and Let’s Talk: Women’s Health & Wellness is certainly no exception!

Thank you to the creative and forward-thinking members of our Planning Committee who took a seed of an idea and turned it into a blossoming event. Together, we have created something magical!

  • 2023 Planning Committee
  • Rana Barclay
  • Maria Beacom
  • Deb Belfatto
  • Joe Belfatto
  • Christine Borowsky
  • Amy-Susie Bradford
  • Lisa Ryan Burke
  • Danielle Campagna
  • Patricia Capawana
  • Katie Curran Darcy
  • Nicole Arsenault Darsney
  • Lisa Marie Falbo
  • Catherine Flynn
  • Kelly Fulton
  • Cathy Harvey
  • Lisa Herschli
  • Kathy Hubert-McKenna
  • Natalie Marzano
  • Marlie Massena
  • Andrea Samacicia Mullan
  • Jennifer Newton
  • Mary O’Hara
  • Carrie Petri
  • Rosemary Scoppetuolo
  • Gail P. Stone
  • Lindsay Belfatto Tabani
  • Natalie Travaglione
  • Christine Walia
  • Medical Advisor
  • Deborah M. Axelrod, MD,
    Surgical Oncologist, NYU
    Langone and Professor,
    Department of Surgery, NYU,
    Grossman School of Medicine