Deb’s Letter


January 2022

Hello Friend!

In the last year, I had much too much “couch time” thanks (or no thanks!) to my WTF-#2-breast-cancer-diagnosis and a lot of “churning, turning and burning” on said couch that led to a revelation.

Since my first breast cancer diagnosis in 1988, so much has changed—we’ve made tremendous strides and progress in the battle against breast cancer. But…not enough! Since my first diagnosis, I led a very healthy life surrounded by abundant blessings: 1) Great family, 2) Great friends, 3) Great Doctors, 4) Great access to resources, 5) My “secret sauce” precious grandson Rocco; and, 6) Joe B., my crown prince and uber-devoted partner. A winning and very fortunate formula for me…

As I say repeatedly (and I mean repeatedly) to my extraordinary, caring and loving “one and only” daughter Lindsay, it’s not about only counting your blessings, it’s about SHARING your blessings!

…cue my couch revelation! It was becoming very apparent to me that women (and men) were experiencing a true “pandemic pause” when it came to their personal healthcare! I have always been a BIG BELIEVER in doing my best (Good, Better, Best!) and being the best role model I can. Through my years of leadership at Komen North Jersey, my platform was based on a personal belief that every woman is deserving, entitled and worthy of the highest standards of healthcare.

That’s why with the help of many, I am spearheading an event called “Let’s Talk: Women’s Health & Wellness.” It will gather the top experts in the field to share how to care for your own breasts, brain, body, and mind…with or without a breast cancer diagnosis. There will be information, my friends, and some laughs, and interesting thoughts and alternatives for a healthy and well life—no matter your age, background, ethnicity or how you identify.

And not only are you invited, but I ask you to consider “supporting a sister,” too. Send another person who might not be able to fit the admission fee into her budget.

I’m off the couch and ready to roar and rumba, so let’s all take a walk on the wellness side: TOGETHER!


Deborah Q. Belfatto

PS. A huge shout-out to my partner-in-success for this event, producer extraordinaire Gail P. Stone. We’re so thrilled and proud to create this day together for women far and wide.