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8:30 am – 9:00 am
Breakfast in the Rotunda and Mingling and Activations in Prudential Lobby (Anna Mae Creates, Wattle Café, Conscious Ink, Boomerang Bites, The Photo Booth, Sweet Vegan Chocolates, Kendra Scott, Elyse Ryan Jewelry, PLNTD, School Scents, Sustainable House, and, The Tutu Project, plus the musical stylings of DJ MD. And, at our Grand Entrance, Larkspur Botanicals bloomed Wrangler, and, Move Over Breast Cancer’s Mobile Resource Lounge.

Meditation & Reflection Lounge in Ryan Gallery (3rd Tier)

9:00 am
Wonderful Wellness Plenary Session in Prudential Hall hosted by dynamic physician leader and social change agent Dr. Chris T. Pernell, The Esther Group LLC

Opening video produced by Long Shot Productions

A welcome from founder and creator of Let’s Talk, Deborah Q. Belfatto

Panel Discussion: Mental Health & Wellness

Moderated by Frank A. Ghinassi, PhD, ABPP, President and CEO, Rutgers Health University Behavioral Health Care with Lisa Dressner, Vice President of Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, Trinitas Regional Medical Center, RWJBH; JoAnn Karcic, Director, Behavioral Health, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ; Ana Natale-Pereira, MD, MPH, FACP, Associate Professor of Medicine, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Division Director, General Internal Medicine, and Associate Dean for Primary Care, Diversity, and Community Engagement

McKaela Maye (NJPAC Arts Education student) performing “Rise Up” by Andra Day and Jennifer Decilveo

Vibrational Sound Meditation by Ceallaigh Lorenz-Talleyrand, founder, and creative mind of Salvation Wellness and Rx3

10:20 am
Snack Break in Lobby sponsored by Valley Women in Business

10:50 am
Choose Your 1st Breakout Session in either Nico Kitchen+Bar, Chase Room, Parsonnet Room, Community Room, Prudential Hall or Victoria Theater.

Meditation & Reflection; Consultations for Mindfulness, Lymphatic Drainage and, Medical Tattooing in Ryan Gallery; and Lobby Activation

11:15 am (- 3:15 pm)
BETime Meditation Bus on Outdoor Patio—a must-visit!

11:35 am
Choose Your 2nd Breakout Session in either Nico Kitchen+Bar, Chase Room, Parsonnet Room, Victoria Theater or Prudential Hall

Meditation & Reflection; Consultations for Mindfulness, Lymphatic Drainage and, Medical Tattooing in Ryan Gallery; and Lobby Activation

12:05 pm
Lunchbox Dine-around sponsored by Atlantic Health Cancer Care—pick up a lunchbox in Community Room (2nd Tier) or the Rotunda (by Box Office)

12:50 pm
Wonderful Wellness Plenary Session in Prudential Hall hosted by U.S. based board-director, investor, speaker and wisdom curator, Dr. Anita Sands, Board Director, ServiceNOW, Nubank

Panel Discussion: Genetics Testing—The Power of Knowing Your Predispositions

Moderated by Ashley Ford Haggerty, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Hackensack Meridian Health with survivor Erica Kirschner; Danielle McKenna, MS, LCGC, Genetic Counselor, Basser Center for BRCA, Penn Medicine; and, Negin N. Griffith, M.D., F.A.C.S., Griffith Center for Restorative Surgery

Time to boogie guided by Lloyd Pearson with upbeat music and movement. Shed your

inhibitions with Live with Lloyd!

1:54 pm
Snack Break in Lobby sponsored by Minette’s Angels

2:30 pm
Choose Your 3rd Breakout Session in either Nico Kitchen+Bar, Chase Room, Parsonnet Room, or Prudential Hall.

Meditation & Reflection; Consultations for Mindfulness, Lymphatic Drainage and, Medical Tattooing in Ryan Gallery; and, Lobby Activation

3:20 pm
Choose Your 4th Breakout Session in either Nico Kitchen+Bar, Chase Room, Parsonnet Room, Prudential Hall or Victoria Theater.

Meditation & Reflection; Consultations for Mindfulness, Lymphatic Drainage and, Medical Tattooing in Ryan Gallery; and, Lobby Activation

3:50 pm
“Shake Your Tail Feather” Dance Party in Prudential Lobby with DJ MD and a splash of bubbly courtesy of ONEHOPE Winery.

4:30 pm

THANK YOU TO TODAY’S BOOMING VOICES…the personal stories of…
Tara Bernie, Jennifer Bucalo, Lana Mustafa, Cara Sapida
(…and Denise Cappuccio, Lisa Lovell, Lisa Ryan, and Monica Tirri)


There are four (4) breakout sessions happening today. Each time, choose one (1) of five (5) sessions happening around the building. At the end of the day, you will have attended four (4) breakout sessions. Breakout sessions are thirty (30) minutes in length.

10:50 am (approximate)
Nutritional Wellness: You Are Allowed to Be Well
Your daily to-do list already extends off the bottom of your planner, but your needs are nowhere on it. Sound familiar? It’s so hard to shuffle our own care back up towards the top of the list. But your needs matter too – you are allowed to be well! In this session we will discuss some small nutrition tips that can give you big returns, examine our relationship with food and wellness as women, and come together to brainstorm action items to take home to our busy lives.
Melissa Alazraki MS, RD, CDN, CDCES, Senior Clinical Care Manager, Culina Health
Prudential Hall, (ground floor)

Cardiac Health: Your Beautiful Heart & How to Care for It
What is heart disease and what are the various types that can affect women? How does your heart work? What to do with health and wellness to improve our heart health because the happy news is…80% of heart health is controlled by us!
Dr. Claire G. Boccia Liang, Cardiology, Women’s Cardiovascular Disease, Atlantic Health System
Chase Room (Tier 2)

Cognitive Health: Understanding the Aging Brain & Staying Sharp
Delve into the intricacies of cognitive health as you age and better understand diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Learn about opportunities for participationin clinical trials to advance research and treatment options. A valuable opportunity for those interested in proactively managing their cognitive health, understanding the role of biomarkers, and potentially participating in groundbreaking clinical trials. Protect your cognitive well-being or, as a caregiver or family member, receive insights and vital knowledge.
Michelle Papka, Ph.D., The Cognitive and Research Center of New Jersey, LLC
Parsonnet Room (Tier 2)

The Arts of Movement and Medicine- Before & After Breast Surgery
Learn of a leading-edge pilot program, MOVE FORWARD, that celebrates the power of the dance and medicine working in concert to create an effective and affirming journey for breast cancer patients. One that promotes preparation and healing, inspires hope and reduces fear. Proactively get ahead of your recovery by learning to move in ways that will prepare your body, mind and spirit before surgery and support your healing and recovery afterwards.
Carolyn Dorfman and Rebecca C. Yang, MD
Nico Kitchen + Bar (ground floor) hosted by William E. Simon Foundation

There is Hope for Our Children: The Power of Connection
In the wake of the pandemic’s unprecedented impact on our children and family dynamics, this session offers a ray of hope and a roadmap. Explore how the power of connection can heal, transform, and invigorate our family units. Through the power of connection, we can help our children heal, grow, and thrive, even in the face of adversity.
Peter M. Bolo, MD, Chair Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Overlook Medical Center
De Snook and Katie Simon, co-founders, Warrior Families
Victoria Theater (ground floor)

11:35 am (approximate)
Feeding Your Soul through Agriculture: Environmental Wellness
Lana found inspiration, grounding and hope in the garden and amongst the bees. Connect with her to learn how she found her voice and courage from her work in agriculture and how nature and your surroundings can save the soul.
Lana Mustafa, Director, Montclair Community Farms
Prudential Hall (ground floor)

Breast Cancer: Understanding Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Recovery & Beyond
Dedicated to empowering individuals and their loved ones with comprehensive insights into breast cancer, this session aims to provide a holistic understanding of breast cancer, from diagnosis to life beyond treatment.
Jay, BBP, HIPAA certified and licensed tattooist, Medical Tattoo NYC
Dr. Sean Enis, Board Certified, Breast Fellowship Trained Radiologist, NJ Imaging Network
Rebecca C. Yang, MD, FACS, Medical Director, Breast Surgery, Overlook Medical Center
Nico Kitchen+Bar (ground floor) hosted by the Simon Quick Advisors

Women and Money – Take Control of Your Financial Future
Discuss some of the unique financial challenges women often face as well as steps you can personally take to take control of your finances.
Lisa Lovell, MBA, Financial Planner, Prudential Advisors
Chase Room (Tier 2)

Gender Reassignment Surgery: Exploring the Process and Journey
Gain a deeper appreciation of the physical, emotional, and social aspects of the gender reassignment journey and leave with a greater understanding and empathy for individuals seeking to align their bodies with their gender identity. Open and respectful dialogue about the surgery and the family/community support that are necessary for best results.
Jonathan Keith, MD, FACS, East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery
Perry Farhat, Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Administrative Director, Babs Siperstein PROUD Center at RWJBarnabas Somerset and, Director, PROUD Gender Center of New Jersey
Parsonnet Room (Tier 2)

Sex, Vibes & Desire
Live your best life inside and out with HerMD. Discuss sexual health concerns that can sometimes feel embarrassing or taboo to bring up. Enjoy an “intimate” fireside chat from two sisters—and and the founders of HerMD—who are also leaders in the menopause, sexual health and aesthetics spaces. HerMD is paving a path where deeply personal concerns are heard and understood with compassionate communication and a patient’s entire experience feels more like visiting a close friend’s house than adoctor’s office. They’ll share some of this magic in their session that aims to ignite (or reignite) your passion and desire and helps you to understand how to most enjoy sex and self-pleasure.
Komel Caruso, Co Founder + Chief Growth Officer, HerMD
Dr. Somi Javaid, MD, FACOG, Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Victoria Theater (ground floor)

2:30 pm (approximate)
Perinatal Health for Women of Color: Wellness for Pregnancies & Infants
Black and brown mamas deserve to flourish and thrive during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Learn how to protect and advocate for yourself to achieve a healthy birth experience and understand that you have options, options, and more options!
Dr. Nastassia Harris, DNP, MSN, RNC-MNN, IBCLC, Founder and Executive Director, Perinatal Health Equity Initiative
Dr. Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell, Certified Labor Doula, Evidence Based Birth Instructor, National Black Doulas Association Doula Trainer & Mentor, CEO, Baby, Please Birth Services
Prudential Hall (ground floor)

Stress Busting: Help for the Overburdened and Overworked
Ready to stop losing your time, energy, wellbeing, sanity (and SLEEP!) to stress? You’re in the right place. Carrie believes everyone can get better at handling the inevitable stress that life presents. You can stop living in a state of constant stress, feeling tired all the time, and struggling to keep up with it all and trade it inl for JOY and CALM.
Carrie Petri, Stress Coach, Carrie Petri Wellness
Nico Kitchen+Bar (ground floor) hosted by TAPinto

Myth Busting Breast & Gynecologic Cancers
Dr. Teplinsky specializes in treating women with breast and gynecologic cancers. She focuses on cancer risk-reduction and healthy living. And thru her Instagram account and podcast, shares straight-shooting, fact-based and myth busting info and compassionate perspective for patients and their loved ones. Join her for this “ask me anything” session.
Eleonora Teplinsky, MD, head of breast and gynecologic medical oncology at Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care, Valley Health System
Chase Room (Tier 2)

Sex Shouldn’t Hurt: Pelvic Floor Health
Valuable insights into understanding and maintaining the health of your pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and bowel, which may weaken due to pregnancy, childbirth, prostate cancer treatment, and obesity. Learn to identify signs of issues in a safe and informative space and discover solutions via physical therapy.
Stacey Futterman Tauriello, PT: Owner and Founder of 5 Point Physical Therapy
Deena Kimiatek, PT, MSPT, MSDc, Clinic Manager, 5 Point Physical Therapy
Parsonnet Room (Tier 2)

Let’s Talk Finance: Navigating Life’s Financial Curve Balls in Every Decade!
As adults, in each new decade of our lives, there is practical and strategic advice and best practices we can use as a roadmap. The financial experts from Simon Quick Advisors will offer counsel on how to manage your finances in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond! And, understand how to successfully wade through unforeseen financial curve balls as they roll on through!
Lisa Manzolillo, CFPM®, CDFA®, Director, Client Advisor, Principal, Simon Quick
Larissa A. Mehlfelder, CFP®, CAIA, BFA™, Managing Director, Client Advisor, Principal, Simon Quick
Vanessa Sullivan, FPQP®, Director, Simon Quick
Victoria Theater (ground floor)

3:20 pm (approximate)
Living Sustainably: Crafting a Healthy Home and Lifestyle
Practical strategies to reduce waste, shop mindfully, and make eco-friendly choices for a healthier and more sustainable home…buying less and using less to reduce waste, save resources, and simplify your life. Shop the periphery of the grocery store to access fresh, whole foods and minimize the consumption of processed products and excessive packaging. Uncover the truth behind “greenwashing” and how to make informed decisions when choosing eco-friendly products and services.
Janette Spiezio, Owner & Maker, Sustainable Haus
Prudential Hall (ground floor)

The Arts & Healing: How to Combat Social Isolation and Loneliness
The pandemic has exacerbated loneliness and social isolation across our communities. Finding connection can be challenging under any circumstance, but COVID has made a lasting impact on how we gather socially and connect with one another. Discuss the differences between loneliness and social isolation and how the arts are uniquely poised to impact both for the better.
Christina D. Eskridge, MPH, Founder and Executive Director, Elevate Theatre Company
Jennifer Martin, Senior Director of Programs, The Foundation for Art & Healing
Nico Kitchen+Bar (ground floor) hosted by TAPinto

Calling All Caregivers: Your Preservation/Nurturing Well-Being
Dedicated to the unsung heroes of caregiving, if you are a caregiver of any kind, this enlightening session models Self-Care + Self-Love = Self-Preservation. Delve into the often neglected but crucial topic of ensuring the well-being of caregivers. Plus, fundamental must-haves for caregivers, such as Power of Attorney (POA) and preparing for the “what ifs” in life.
Kat Verdi, MAT, CADDCT, HTM, Caregiver Coach and Dementia Care Consultant
Chase Room (Tier 2)

Girlfriend’s Guide to Journaling
Learn the power of journaling as a dynamic tool for emotional wellness. Discover how to not only create a journaling practice but also turn it into a meaningful, sustainable, and enriching ritual in your life. A guide to making journaling a cathartic release, creative self-expression and…hello!…FUN!
Nadia Murdock, Mindset and Movement Coach, Founder, Nadia Murdock Fit
Parsonnet Room (Tier 2)

Mindfulness, The Arts, and Embodiment
Explore the ways in which creative expression and mindfulness can help you feel deeply connected and enrich your physical and emotional self. Understand how engaging in artistic practices can foster a stronger mind-body connection, promoting mindfulness and self-awareness. Explore the idea of using the body as a tool for artistic expression, from the graceful movements of dance to the rhythms of percussion, and the poetic flow of words, to the breathing sounds of your own body.
Eyesha Marable, Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement, NJPAC
Sally Younghans, Health and Wellness Coach
Victoria Theater (ground floor)